Saturday, July 30, 2011


This design is my first CrazyKidStyle outfit.
This is made in my head,no inspirations from other outfits.
My imagination 100%.Btw,after I designed the heel as a headband,I saw that idea somewhere else...:(At least mine has snake skin)
At first I drew her bald,
but that would just make her look kike Humpty Dumpty,
altho that was what I was going for...
 Shes a stylish prisoner.
But its 100% MY FREAKY HEAD!

I thought to wear this
at the end of my 8th grade.
But my mother told me I'd look like a clown...

I think that this one's a first one.



  1. Great post and nice blog you have! :)

  2. Awesome Blog!!! :P

  3. hey i like your blog, thanks for your comment! your drawings are very good. want to see more art in your blog! have a nice day. i follow you!
    lovely greets, maren anita

  4. I love it! :D
    sviđa mi se!

  5. I rly like all your sketches.. they r pretty astonishing and i like it.. I am so longing to read ur next post! KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP!


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