Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grow up!We are SO not 6!

So,with the madness starting this summer.I remembered all the good days I've had there
and some bad(and there was A  LOT trust me)!I'll be back to the uniformity being accepted as
an only good thing,and Im gonna get more rude stares.You know,Im not asking for it.Its just how I dress
and I know what kind of impression I make.I watched a movie Burlesque yesterday(with queen plastics Cher,and Christina Aguilera),and now If anyone
calls me a hillbillie(and I hope he will because I'll use this incredible inuslt)''Yeah,at least we recognize cows''pointing at the person(of course).Ok,20 century nostalgia is back,and its bigger
than before,because(again)Im back to school,and it will remind me on technology,ships not being made of wood,thight stuff,polka dot baggy sweaters and pencil skirts not being fashionable and everyone-who-is-different-is-a-loserormity-.So I thought how world is actually full of
                                                                       Pink Ladies
                                                          (just in a different,even worse way)
                         and If there was really a club similar to Pink Ladies it would be called Fancy Bitches

                                                       Ever saw young teen gals,having fun like this??
 Nope,I havent.Teen fun of today is texting and net chatting even when you're in a same room!But,many get out,yeah...to text to their boyfriends on the fresh air!When I made a Halloween party,for my 3 (so not)friends.I thought we're gonna trick or treat.Or have fun inside.But all they did,was checking mail and facebook(on their phone).Yeah,I might be considered an old grumpy granny,or a 2 year old who wants to play games(I wish you saw my face now!)Grow up!Go on the net!We are so not 6 anymore(yeah,we're not but we're 12!),you're so madieval!Those were their words!

   Anyways,I am going to another school this year,and Im not gonna try to blend in.I know Im gonna make good friends there.While girls will probably have something against me...To tell you honestly-I am scared.You know,you never know what will happen,cuz everyone have stereotypes about new students.Well...what are ya gonna do.But Im also excited to see what'll happen.Its like Im talking about another person's life,like I cant wait what SHE'LL do in new school,when Its actually me.You know,I've never been this excited...and to show you how excited I am-Im gonna eat a raw potato on the last day of august(also known as the August The Last).Yeah,Im overflowing with excitement!And I just wanna go there!
Cant wait!(In case you dont get it-I am KIDDING,but you DO get it.)
And I just wanna say something that is not VERY related to my previous paragraf,but it is kinda..
Whats up with Bieber-mania.What is so great about him that girls like?I really dont get it..his songs arent that great,and now Its not about taste,do they feel something when they listen to it?Some nostalgia,sadness,happiness,childhood memory.well.theres not emotion..just girl-boy song.
And with this,we're back to unformity.I shouldnt discuss this..I should forget about them...let them live their lives.But Its so shocking.It annoys me..everytime school starts over and over.I mean they think they're so cool,that they were laughing at me when I put a cold bottle of water on my head on very hot day..I mean COME ON!Ok I gotta stop this..in the end..I'll end up in a corner rocking myself like a lunetic..
(Excuse me,I just gotta yell for a moment)

(Im okay)

And I came back to add 3 most beautiful songs
This is my taste.And when it comes to music,its not a lot quirky..
But,of course for my classmates its''OMG what are you listening to,you are SO WEIRD!
No...undear friends-YOU ARE!

And this is how a fashion blog,turns into a hullabaloo!
Ok,I'll show you what my nostalgia looks like,and what is still reminding me...on the past century today.(I am 12.Im not hiding my identity like an 50 year old woman,but you dont know what it feels,when you wanna live in the time,when you werent even born!)Or maybe you do,...(but for that you'd need to be 3 to 15).

Marylin Monroe,of course.

Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson in Grease,
from super cute to super hot
                        Arent these gorgeous??What??Are we sharing the same opinion...Oh..I suppose not....

                           Something I cant live without(actually I can,but it sounds dramatic when I say it like
                                      this)  candy,chocolate,cute bedrooms....and chocolate again!

And If you're asking,whats reminding me,on the past century today??
Well,watch TV,read old magazines,see old pictures,or get into ur mom's and dad's clothes from the  80's.I dont even need to add pictures so u know what remained.
Answer is:nothing.But theres always a memory(which I dont have)....
And my(finally made up m mind)postly soundtrack:

P.S.Passangers,and dear followers(and there isnt many) plz comment my blog,so I see that somebody was here,and check the posts down there,and I dont know why Im reminding you to check the posts down there,bcuz you're gonna do it anyway.
Thank you!

Btw,the pictures of me and my precious clothing,are gonna be posted soon.I promise!And you're dying to see them(Yeah right..)

And just something else:I dont know If its me,but when you comment can you tell me If you saw the posts down there.Im just curious...do they show up when you read my blog.Just asking you to do it.no irony or anything like that.So...can you see the posts,or this is the only one?

Cant wait to post outfits!And then,my blog will be similar to other fashion bloggers...(unfortunately).
But you know,If I wrote about fashion all the time people would be really bored.I mean..c'mon..
who wants to hear about catwalk and collections all the time???

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gonna be a grumpy old granny

You know lately I thought about quiting blogging.Its because I'm not impressed with it.
I'd like to stare at my blog for hours and hours and just think how beautiful he is,and how many
good words and images he has.....When you're impressed,then,your readers are gonna be impressed too.
I see,that people like to see bloggers dress.To show them their clothes,their style(also blogger will say where he bought it,so its a reason more).I could do that...But my brain just blocks and I got nothing to wear...Especially now,when its summer,and when I'm planning to spend the whole day out,with friends,wearing flappy dresses(I never wear dresses)or running in the weath fields and hanging out with bugs.Instead I spend my whole day on computer,drawing,in my old dirty shorts and an old straped tee.
And say how my summer went well....You know when I get the famous haircut,I've been boring my mom for months,and when the school starts...I'm not gonna go in my old dirty shorts and old straped tee...Until then....I can only hope that I'll gain some more than 4 readers( I got 10readers...woo-hoo).....
But even If I post my pictures on here,depends how interesting they're gonna be...cuz some people cant afford a lot of stuff-and I CAN NOT buy on Ebay(I quote my dad)...But lemme say something
I dont wear:
  1. Dresses,cant climb,cant run,cant sit the way I usually do.
  2. Skirts,cant climb,cant ru.....Oh you heard that..................
  3. Leggings,too thight,too weird....................
  4. I heart tees,I dont wanna be like everyone else,right??
  5. Thight jeans,own 3,wear the baggiest thight 1.
  6. Heels,Im not 22.
     And what do I wear.???
  1. 80's jeans,baggy ones..
  2. Ripped jeans....
  3. Knee socks,colorful and striped usually...
  4. Doubled tees...
  5. Lots of layers.
  6. Converse sneakers,high and short.
  7. Spencer shoes,which I havent bought yet...
  8. Bracelets,(leather one with pink skulls,EXIT festival bracelet,fiery red,Emly,bracelet,2 friendship bracelets bought in Greece.
My clothes are practical,because I was always restless and lively.So I planned styles that Im gonna wear thru my whole life:(I'll start from this age,because my mom used to dress me when I was little,alotho It wasnt very bad,but I always looked like a boy):
    12 yrs to 15-(If the apocalipse doesnt happen)Others said I still look like a boy.....well..cant do much about it....That isnt so bad tho,instead of others(guys) considering me as a bitch,they actually get along with me....considering me a great person.
      16-20 Im gonna wear a dress or two.And I might get a short haircut.But Im gonna be more elegant,and still refusing to wear heels,or flats.Only converse and spencer shoes.

        20-25.If I dont get fat,or ugly,Im gonna wear mini skirts,with thrifted pantyhose and hippie hand painted long shirts with a hippie headband.

            25-30.Same,but more serious,I'll probably achieve that intelectuall,adult look I think I'll never have(thinking 'bout my clothes,not brain,c'mon that would be a big insult,even for me)

            31-39 Preparing for my granny years that start with 40's.Pink polka dots,deep collar dresses,pearls,fake teeth(for all the candy I ate) and black flats I spent hours polishing,so the neighbour I 've been liking for a long time notices me...Oh, dont forget the big(fake)Chanel purse. Also,I will scare teenagers in my neighbourhood,with stories like..When I was your age....I walked ten miles to get some education,and you sit here,when you ought to be in school(that'll be my special activity on sunday o_O)

            40-45 You read this above.I'll probably be idle,and choosing a peach for an hour or so..

            1998-2038(Not BEING SERIOUS!)but R.I.P. She died in deep anility.....
            But I will turn into a zombie vampire and then wear a huge red collar,a black cape,and a black floral skirt to bring a little happiness...

            Oh and heres my(not daily,not weekly,not monthly)soundtrack:

            Later,Im gonna do pictures.Today Im going to my cousin's home,so If shes there,reason more to take a picture.Also,not taking pictures is a proof of summer lazinesss...........Going to school for 9 months and a break of 3 months isnt exatcly a lot!(well in those 9 months,dont count the spring break,winter break,(not gonna write the fall break,bc it lasts 2 days.)and minor(major)teacher strike).
            P.S. Could you comment?It kinda gives an illusion that somebody was here..