Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Order a pizza and celebrate with me

Hi,Its me again(who else)I got nothing to write about...Its not like a make a plan of a post,but I always have an idea,and now I dont...Its pretty cold out,so thats why my posting is gonna be more frequent(yeah..a post for 2 months..)I also bought new pair of jeans.Kinda Huckleberry Finn style...I'll post the picture of that one.I just cant wait,until they have the trails of grass on my knees,or get ripped in that part...I also spent my ''hour''on the net searching for images that represent
indenpendecy,freedom,summertime and fun.(And will post them,when the time of freedom and indenpendency and summer comes)So,preparing for Winter Wonderland...

I keep thinking about winter.All year.I want that coziness,and that red and golden glitz on the christmas tree,and those dinners with my family that just warm my heart...And then,the winter comes,and it gets really mean and annoying!I usually dont like my winter-jacket and my nose is always rudolph red....!

Winter is the kinda time,when Im supposed to feel like Im home more than ever...but I just dont.I kinda..dont feel that warmness and those nice cheerful vibes coca-cola commercials always promote.I want to have a big colorful jacket,and a huge wooly scarf and high black boots..and look all fluffy and cozy,and feel that way too.But I always pick the plainest thing to wear,bcuz I HaTe WiNtEr!(reasons up,and more reasons coming up)I kinda like that mouth organ that reminds me on summer,and life in the countryside,and when I hear that sound,I feel like home.I see cowboys,and grass,and bars...That feeling of being home is just gone on winter.

Once,when I was veryyy young,my aunt bought me a train and a station,and I played it with it on my red carpet...then,I remember I had a very pleasant feeling,but I didnt know whats its called,and didnt know to appreciate it the way I would now.I got Bratz dolls.Loads of them.I dont play with them anymore(and this is not one of those explanations where you wanna say,how grown you are now,and how dumb would it be to still play with them,no,this is me being sorry,bcuz I bought em at that time,when I felt like home,and I dont even know why I dont feel that why now,and I just dont find time to play with them,cuz I gotta do things for school,and like,write this,and go out...)So I had this jacket(which is ofcourse lost)that had little lanterns(yes a small jkt with huge shining lights-Yes,It Was Awkward)and I would just start staring at them,and get really sleepy,bcuz I imagined myself on a snowy road,with decorated streets around me,and forks and plates can be heard from the houses..and a freaky santa outside the store...and me all feeling cozy and home.I dont know why I feel so homesick,and feel like I belong somewhere else.This is how I would want my home to be,and my holiday to be...:

Whats so weird about wanting to go in a place-filled-with-magic-and creepy-unusual stuff like dementors&werewolves&wizards&flying broomsticks&elves with eyes-like-tennis-balls&magic wands(phoenix feather and unicorn's nerve my favorite!)&talking pointy heats&talking portrets on the walls&animaguses....I really dont get you...

This is the game I play.Its called Pixie Hollow.When I play it on winter,I feel like home.All the lanterns and the shiny snow,and the warm light that comes out from the store.And keep looking at the photo for more details...

This is a Vampyre Story PC game.Its so magicalll,and this house is so warm and yuck and beautiful...and it feels like home(Stinky,dirty,but cozy,just right for me)

I've been a good kid all year,and Im not gonna get a lump of coal!(Playing practical jokes on people I dont know,jumping into someone's backyard,stealing cherries...dont count,right?)
Everything is about being good for christmas...and helping....and doing good deeds...and forgiving...and you know how you make those promises and wishes..well here it is:I promise Im gonna be a better person.I promise Im gonna get better grades.I promise I.....well its enough..Passing on to wishes:

North Polar - Santa Claus P.O. Box 56099 North Pole, Alaska 99705-1099
(Is this the address....I hope he typed it right)


I did do a couple of sketches,but most of em arent designs.I was focused on ''the eternal happiness of mine''picture down:

For Halloween,a spooky scarecrow sketch:

Also,did a drawing that finaly has a soul!Both of the gals are looking straight to your eyes!Black'n'White

And designs...No I dont wanna do a winter collection,bcuz I dont wanna take the fact that its here,and I'll just go squeeze  in a mouse-hole and wait for it to pass!

 I feel like this and this-on winter.Lost...confused...cold...lost...
And that beautiful dinner that warms my heart is:

Okkkkk,no it isnt,I just wanted to use this picture,bcuz it is very nice and unique and bright,and,I got a word pizza in my post's name..and it  reminds me on summer....
My favorite movie to watch on winter is:
''Love actually(watched it for a first time 5 years ago)
''Home Alone''
''A Chistmas Carol''(didnt see this one coming didnt ya?)

I want red doors,green christams wreath with golden bells...snowy roof with tiny lanterns...a Santa Claus doll climbing up the window......and I would make a treehouse in a nearest lil forest,and pretend I live there...and clean the snow off the ladder..and take some gummy candies,and cherry pie to survive the cold....Oh the Winter Wonderland!

I found a way to say it in one sentence(I was so dumb,in the post that was before the previous post(wat a use of words..))I realized Im not the only one.I want the person who made this,to become my best friend.

I took my friend's cell phone,and went to her music files.Found ''Violet''by Hole.And,all my love,suddenly,passed
to Courtney Love.First,I LOVE her songsss.She sounds so depressed and bored when she sings,AND I LOVEEE ITT!Ohhh..god..I think I found my new idol.(I also got one plan in my head for my future which is crap,and I would feel very stupid If I shared it with anyone else,but my brain cells,or wherever memory goes...)
I tried to dry my hair one way so it gets all fuzzy and wavy,but no...Mistress wants to be straight and straight and boring....
Now I think Im gonna dye my hair...maybe pink or purple..or green whtvr..
And I also got a B on my essay bcuz I qoute:''It had too much of  my free opinion in it''o.0.

The Red label-Vivienne Westwood.I love how she did a mix of scarecrow/hillbillie pieces,and sophisticated garments,and I want those socks (1st pic).(And I should be spending more time reading books and improving my vocabulary,than wandering the streets..and rapping...and wearing golden jewellery...and talking in slangs..)

And I dont like winter bcuz theres no these:
 and I can only stare at this:
 and stuff myself with candy and chocolate and whtvr gets under my hand...

And I cant be here:

and imagine-being here:

But.....Naaahh,winter is gonna turn out just fine!
And dont think that I eventually found something to write about it in this post,
cuz I didnt!This is just pure babbling(other than showing love for Courtney Love) with no goal or a point.Go away!
                                                                                                                                                     Emily M.
Oh and-Merry Christmas!