Sunday, July 24, 2011


During my lonelyness,which was caused by being different from other dummos in my school
(smarter,dressed another way,fun and full of imagination)in their case I was(dumb,weird and boring)
I created an imaginary friend,my pal Murvin.He lived behind my bed.I can discribe him best as a lepricon.Yeah,he was there to bring me luck-finding friends,when I had a suspicion that problem was in me(and it wasnt).I think hes a result of my weird imagination(because when someone hides something I usually think that he has some heads hidden,or parts of body)but lots of read fairytales,when I think that some day my griffin will come,and take me  somewhere,like Hogwarts,or castle,like Im the lost daughter of queen and king of Hardtofindia.And,you ask whats Hardtofindia???Well,its just an ordinary kingdom...hidden in a forest.But you obviously figured by now...and I dont know why Im saying this,but-It Is Hard To Find!(I mean,arent they all....)

It was never like this:                                                                                  More like this:

                                                                          But evil or not,its a  mental
issue,but kids get over it.
You know once in a while,everyone feels lonely,
(except those poor fellows with 10 brothers and sister)



  1. The 40s!!! Oh my god my favorite decade and the 20s for all the flapper dresses! Lovely post!

    g x

  2. the 90s were the best, you should check it out more. the birth of the super model, club kids and grunge fashion. Kinda like the 70s but with a darker twist.

    check me out


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