Saturday, July 30, 2011

How do I call this post????

I had no inspiraton for designs,so I made a collage.
And I really like it,because this ''Pink Lawn''smells gross.Like someone really cut someone's arm.It probably has to do something with old-enough-to-turn-your-lipse-into-a-stone- lipstick.And the Jummy thing that I cant throw outta my head.I even put a Hipster in there,and Im surprised how wanting to be a hippie changed my view on things.(Like what???,I know,but I cant remember right now.....ask me later.....)
Before I ran out of inspiration I drew these:

How a bussines woman outfit can look stylish.                               
You know how plain and boring they are??
So I added something modern in this,and its perfect! : )    Well,this is just scary                

A Vampyre story,a pc game created by Bill Tiller
Composed by Perdo Macedo Camacho,hes,awesome.
Click to play and check the rest of the blog.Please dont watch the videos that appear during the song.if you do you'll gona ruin a nice atmosphere. :)

This only 2 out of 31 songs,and they're all truly beautiful.
Click play and check the rest of the blog.It kinda creates a nice atmosphere.Well it depends which song you play,but anyways they're both beautiful.And they are both soft and slow(I recommend this 2. one).Oh and comment my designs,they are the reason why I started blogging... :)


Tim Walker's

 All of these designs up are old.When I still did didnt start CrazyKidStyle
I thought that I should design elegant stuff,and my mother said that only elegant stuff
are high fashion.
BOOOO!So not like that!I decided to follow my own style!(Yeah,like,she wears patched skirts and striped tops and floral bracelets and 60's leggings,some Lennons and a guitar bag instead of a real purse=(and I wear blue jeans and an ordinary t-shirt)But She Is So My Style!o_O

These are clothespins on her shoulders. 
And the model is Rachel McAdams,look how
I tried to draw this to look like her!       
                                                                                     Tim Walker's again
And more Tim Walker .......................................................................................................................................................

You know,I think that no matter what I write,my blog(to me)looks empty.Dunno why.Maybe its me
cuz Im sick of seeing these posts every day(and it gets annoying)or it really IS EMPTY!.Im not gonna post any more posts.I gotta improve this.And,tell me that Im wrong.Because,I wishhhh...I am!

Anyways I'd really like someone to come.And invite me to be on TV.
You know many bloggers end up there,known...End up famous....
And,this age thing could actually help me.I mean how many 12 year olds
do you know that blog or draw fashion designs.You know,when your generation is the dumbest one,you gotta be a fool to try to blend in.Standing out its much better and someone can notice you,well no-one really noticed me...but I am working on it.If I dont end up known,I'll probably go join hippies,and smoke joint to end my misery.......(I just hope my irony wont turn into seriousness).......Ok,moving on....I thought to send a mail to Liz Blair,or even Grazia fashion magazine,and I still think thats a good idea...In a month I'll see how everything turns out.Until then,I'll be ''improving this'',drawing,thinking about great problems in world,and why I cant buy on ebay.... Oh and with fall and (my 13th birthday)just around the corner.I wish Im dead right now.Im planning an escape plan,for Neverland,because I wont be 13 then,and there will be no school,and I'll hang out with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and the lost boys,and I'll have a BFF(literally).When(If)I turn 13 I will officialy become a teenager,and I dont want that to happen.Its like 100 of steps closer to being an adult.And trust me Its stressful enough to go to school.Now I have to ''celebrate''my 13th birthday!Give me a Break!                         
 AnYwAyS,CyA GuYs.....

                                                                                                        Emily M.

  (Oh this is not me,If I post my picture,It would be a tomboy looking lil gal eating a HUGE chocolate,
   or screaming like an Indian with painted face,or torturing my dad's guitar in a blue polka sweater  and a yellow patched dress).

During my lonelyness,which was caused by being different from other dummos in my school
(smarter,dressed another way,fun and full of imagination)in their case I was(dumb,weird and boring)
I created an imaginary friend,my pal Murvin.He lived behind my bed.I can discribe him best as a lepricon.Yeah,he was there to bring me luck-finding friends,when I had a suspicion that problem was in me(and it wasnt).I think hes a result of my weird imagination(because when someone hides something I usually think that he has some heads hidden,or parts of body)but lots of read fairytales,when I think that some day my griffin will come,and take me somewhere,like Hogwarts,or castle,like Im the lost daughter of queen and king of Hardtofindia.And,you ask whats Hardtofindia???Well,its just an ordinary kingdom...hidden in a forest.But you obviously figured by now...and I dont know why Im saying this,but-It Is Hard To Find!(I mean,arent they all....)

It was never like this: More like this:

But evil or not,its a mental
issue,but kids get over it.
You know once in a while,everyone feels lonely,
(except those poor fellows with 10 brothers and sister)

Hippies.Theres more than listening to pshyhedelic rock and smoking marijuana.
I wanna be a hippie when I grow up.Of course not cuz of the clothes they wear.Hipsters know how precious life is.Peace and Love,thats what we need.If hipsters rule the world.This would be a paradise.
But also mariju... would be legal.....:I

No-one ever told me that I look like a hippie,but theres probably a good reason for it-CUz I DoNT!
But it would be a compliment,even If someone tried to insult me.Also,when I told my mother,that I
wanna be a hippie,she said-but gal,they smoke joint!Dear have rockers doing awful stuff,but,yet,you and dad wanted to be like them!Its harsh how people always come up with bad things first.I'm not gonna get a tattoo when I turn 14,run away from home,considering myself an adult,or join a local gang...(But a tattoo would be nice.....ever thought of getting one...?)And you know,Its freaky,how (old)people think that boys(and girls)who have great grades,or donate stuff to a charity,or live with their parents,and always watch their language are perfection in every way,and(for some,that are even freakier)those guys(gals)are -An Incredible Opportunity To Get Married-.
Also these people are actually good,but they are not the perfect example(like my grandfather calls it)
and If I told him that I wanna be a hippie,he will be asking questions,like Why do you always have to be different?and Do you wanna die young?And If I WOULD actually join the hippies,he would never speak to me til the end of his life....
They travelled together,they were hanging out together.Its FREEDOM!And independence!
I was on a seaside and I bought a rock that''brings''freedom.
Who knows where will that enchanted stone take me...

Who are these people???I want to meet em.I want to be their friend.I want to travel with them.If anyone knows them.He needs to tell them that there is a 12 year old girl.Who wants to be a hipster!
They wanted something new,they wanted to change the world.I'm sick of all the killing.

I'd like to build the world a home
and furnish it with love
Grow apple trees,and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves

I'd like to teach the world to sing(sing with me)
In perfect harmony
I'd like to hold it in my arms and keep it company

I'd like to see the world for once.
Standing hand in haaand,
And hear them echo thru the hills,
In peace thruout the laaaaand...

This is a song from an old coca-cola commercial.And it fits into a hippie thing.Because many people,united on that hill are singing about one thing.Like one voice...No-one is naked and there is no killing.Just peace...and love..

They look so cool like this.Altho Patrick looks like Ozzy Osbourne(just without moustache).....Anyways the jellyfishes made the infinity sign in the air,which means that Hippies are forever.Hipsters will never extinct.

Even Squidward got into the hippie thing with them..
A true hippie,forever....

Hippies actually worry.They want all people to be happy,to sing....
Im such a free spirit,and I dont want
I wanna trave to tell anyone what Im gonna do,where Im gonna go...
I wanna fly!!!!!!!!!! all over the world!!!
I wanna live in a forest...
I wanna be a hippie!

And,now,when I put it this way.
I AM a hippie :)

Older designs and a stupid explanation.

Is same as you see it.

I love,like and adore this one!

This is one of my favorites!

It is actually very easy to make this t'shirt with holes.You just buy an ordinary white(If in color better)baggy tee.You take the scissors,you take the part and wrinkle it a bit,and cut.Cut it everywhere,and wear a tight tee underneath.It will be awesome.But forget the fish net part,you'll never gonna make that!

I think that this looks like an outfit that people in old Greece wore.But a lot modernized.

And I love this foral dress too.
Hearts,andcards.Obvious?Pretty much!
Unless you're blind.And If u were u wouldn't be reading this.(Oh shut up!)

These shoes are wooden!
Now why do I wanna be a fashion designer?Well,simple,I wanna show my style to the world,and I want people to except it as a label.Ever since I found out about my arms,I draw.From the monster-shaped human figures with no neck,bald or with two long braids peaking from the top of the head, to what I draw now.I just love drawing!Whenever Im bored I draw,its an excuse not to study,because Im not really interested in schoolwork.And I love fashion,I love colorful things,and I love to be myself.And thats what fashion is all about!But Im not a fashion freak.I'd rather go outside play with friends,or climb trees.But when you need to survive in this cruel,unfriendly world,you gotta do something,and If you wanna be happy,you gotta do something you love.I also go to music school,playing piano,but singing is my thing,and If I choose music,Im gonna be an opera singer,and who likes opera???Snobs?Royals?Yeah,maybe....but I dont want to.So fashion is my thing,and Im gonna succeed!(Wish me luck! And,read my blog,your're gonna help that way! :)


This design is my first CrazyKidStyle outfit.
This is made in my head,no inspirations from other outfits.
My imagination 100%.Btw,after I designed the heel as a headband,I saw that idea somewhere else...:(At least mine has snake skin)
At first I drew her bald,
but that would just make her look kike Humpty Dumpty,
altho that was what I was going for...
 Shes a stylish prisoner.
But its 100% MY FREAKY HEAD!

I thought to wear this
at the end of my 8th grade.
But my mother told me I'd look like a clown...

I think that this one's a first one.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Me,again...and uniformity,but also old west and chupacabra...

I dont know what Im gonna talk about.I have everything in my head,but when I write it,it turns into an endless discussion.So Im gonna do it like this:Who designed Ugg boots?I hate ugg boots.They are truly ugly.I dont know how it became such a big fashion trend.Most of the girls(the girls who call themselves fancy,beautiful&popular)in my school wear those,matched with some ugly skinny gray jeans.
Is this what you want your legs to look like?

Why not like this:                                            
Style of teenagers is influenced by their friends(I mean society)but they try ti blend in.If everyone wears that,I need to wear it too,or otherwise I wont be IN.Everyone will think Im a loser.I know how it all works,afterall I'm 12 years old. 
I like Vivienne Westwood,such a wonderful lady.And I like to have my own style,that has no chances to be copied.

                  But I also admire Nikki Minaj,and her incredible outfits,some people call it ridiculous,I call it fancy and good.I dont listen to her music,because I dont like it.For me shes just a fast talker!I know its some kind of art,but we all have different tastes.You could tell me,that I dont have a right to say that people who wear uggs are dummies,its still a taste,but,I know that half of the teengers likes it,because they wanna be cool.I was on the edge to buy them.But I listened to my angel on the left side and I didnt buy them.See how friends make you do things u dont want to!?Darn them.
Anyways,last year,I was into cowboy things.Old town gangs,cowboy-indian fights,wanted posters,the hot weather,and the boots.Its really cool.(If I lived in that time it wouldnt be so cool).I know there were wars and a lot of killing,but people admire the old west.
And how great can it be to be in one of the bars,a man plays the piano,people are happy,drinking,singing,and suddenly,when you turn around to order more beer,everything stops,the famous gang with his notorious leader entered the bar.So typical,yet,so beautiful.

This is how a cowboy looks after a fight:
Esepcially when a bar is called like this:
You dont wanna go in there.Mcbride and sons,a famous gang.An old mother who was a bride(of course when she got married)and then she killed her husband.She has three sons,and they're all 100 years old and over.Its because they are vampires.
Such an honest monster.Shes telling you,If you enter her bar,sure you'll gonna have fun,and beer,but after TEN beers,you will be blood in her bucket.Yuck!
She also keeps a chupacabra in her barn,so dont leave your unicorns near.o_O