Friday, July 15, 2011

Welllllll....everything you wanna know is down.

Im a 12 year old,who loves to draw fashion designs,play dress-up and do weird stuff..(like playing outside...does that count as a weird thing).I've been interested in fashion a lot.So I wanted to write my opinion on everything and since I was always good at creative writing,I want to do more than fashion...Im just getting started and I hope I'll come up with good topics,cuz I dont wanna go around and just post dumb fashion show photos,or my equaly retarded drawings :)

  This is a drawings that gave me an idea to start a blog.Its not the first one,but its the best one of all(but I still dont have a lot)

I hope in near future,I'll have like a million sketches on my desk,and Im all busy,and the phone rings and its my dear friend Vivienne telling me that my designs are done and I should come pick em up,right after the fashion show and the 1 000 $ least I can dream. 

                                                                                                                                                    Emily M.

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