Sunday, September 11, 2011

Im getting old....

My birthday is coming soon(23th september,fall starting,I was always proud of that;),and it is very important,bcuz I'm officially becoming a teen.So I thought about my 12 year old life,and it seems like I was playing with my 3 best friends in the street just yesterday(It was LOOONG time ago,trust me*yeah last year,no really,it was long time ago).I took one step forward to become a full grown person(hate the word -adult-).I also changed my school,and now I wanna go back.I miss my morons there,and I miss the hallways and the classrooms..(you'll see I will be there with ma haters in no time ;)I always dreamed of finishing my school in a quirky outfit(pants please),and everybody staring at me(girls 'course).And I wanna finish school the way I imagined it.(So far,nothing is the way I imagine it,even going to the market,I know!Creepy..)

So If you havent figured out,this post is about summer freedom,how school makes you stupid,and me getting old..
I did some sketches,but I didnt scan them,bcuz I have to go to music school and then to school and then ''do my homework''(Liar)...)I am not excited,at all.I hate that beautiful summer is over.Why cant it LAST FOREVER!I always wanted to go to Alabama,and live in the countryside.To stare at wheat fields all evening,while some funny tv show is on,and I drink beer(with ma pal)and enjoy(dressed as Huck Finn).I dont know If you watched Fried Green Tomatoes,but thats my favorite movie and its so amazing how that girl(Im a shamed,forgot her name-remembered-Idgie Threadgoode!)lives life in freedom,and doesnt care about anything.                     And my birthday made me think a lot about childhood.When I turn 15,I wont sneak into grumpy neighbour's backyard and steal apples or flowers,bcuz nobody will say,let her,shes just a kid,bcuz I wont be a kid.And I wont be able to make fun of people on the street,I wont say HI! to every passanger,or follow him and ask Could you tell me where is Eiffel's tower located in here?(Im not from Paris,or France at all)And other random questions.Everybody will look at me and request from me to be a responsible,mature,educated 15-year old(What Im definitely not gonna be).
And I thought about how Im never gonna be 12 again,can you imagine that!?
Oh my gosh,...Im getting so old...

And know when I look at it,I am gonna sneak into neighbours backyard,and I AM gonna tease people on the street.And when I grow up,I feel like Im gonna leave my dreamland.And,I dont know whats gonna happen,so I'll enjoy my imagination now and next couple of years.(Altho once u have it,u have it til the end of ur life,that doesnt mean Im gonna die young right?)2 days ago I was laying on my bed,
and heard a weird noise that reminded me on a bee.And then,I imagined a HUGE dangerous fly with green wings and a big trunk,breaking my window,entering and trying to stab me,I cover myself with a book,but I remember thats its day and that Im awake and that Im imagining.
And then in the night week ago,I saw a flying ferrari,and a skeleton giant on the top of the evergreen tree,rocking itself.I asked my mother,does she still see those things,and she said:No,dear,I maybe used to,when I was little,but now I dont.But,she never believed in dragons,which is wrong,so she never saw these things.. :)(Oh,the flying ferrari was real ;)

If it was a spaceship,I'd truly believe,but a ferrari?For now its 75%
Only god knows how many times I wanted to jump in the grass and stay there,laying,worrying about nothing,just laying,and thinking-Life Is Worth Living.
Dear lord,why did u bring me to such a terrible place???
Why did you give me everything,but actually gave me nothing?
Why wasn't I born,somewhere where I can live my modest dreams???
Here,I can lay on the road,and think deeply,how my back hurts and how I'm gonna be hit by a car If I continue laying...
Its a hard life,I tell you...

Im gonna tell you things I like and dislike:
Spring breeze
The Sun
Fried Green Tomatoes
Vashti Bunyan
My girl 1
Granny's pie
My settlement
Wheat Fields
The smell of spring
Tara Spencer-Nairn as Lou in New Waterford Girl
Christmas coca-cola commercials
All the coca-cola commercials
Rum Kasato
My piano
Deep sea(I wish I was a mermaid)

Things I dislike:
Boring poetry
Books about relationships
The school I now go to
One settlement in my town
The smell of my cousin's diaper
My mom's boss
Gossip Girl(and the cast XD,looks like Im the only one who gets it...bcuz this joke do I say...STUPIDEST IN THE WORLD.
Boring people who make jokes like this and make people laugh at em(bosses usually)
Simple clothes
Girls who make fun of other girls
Boys who think that being friends with girls is gay.
Balcony with no flowers(something like mine,yuck...)
Evil kids

I also mentioned Huck Finn style.You know,all I ever dreamed of is to be wild,to run in the fields and be free to do whatever I want.I hate living in the city.I never dreamed of New York,or Hollywood.If you knew me in real,you'd never say that you're talking to person who started Wacky Style blog.At least my friends think so(I mean they never read my blog,but I also know that they dont know me at all)Im like a fearless mustang trapped in the cage(Im dead serious).My mother compared me with Idgie Threadgoode(Fried Green Tomatoes,its our fave family get-together movie),shes a female Huck Finn,-so am I.I hate school,and I hate rules,and I hate city,and I hate buildings.My life is Murphy's law
And I hate it,I was unlucky enough not to be born in Alabama,Louisiana,Texas and live as free as a bird.

I just wanna mention this:Next year,I imagine myself known,with lotta readers(true readers)and I invented this conversation: I enter the Internet cafe,somewhere in world.And I sit and start writing a new post for my already very known blog.Theres a girl next to me,thats on a familiar site,but I cant see quite well from where Im sitting.I move a little,and see-Shes reading my blog!Ok,heres that conversation:

Me:Hey,gal,is that Wacky Style you're readin'?
The Poor Gal I read it too??
Me:Well...I,kinda write Wacky Style....
TPGIA:Yeah right!
Me:No,really I do.
TPGIA:Leave me alone,you FREAK!
And then I show her how I post the pictures and all....
And she says:Omg,its you!Im,like..your biggest fan!
Me:Yeah I know,I got lots of em....and she continues staring at me,like Im the God.No,it doesnt bother me at all,bcuz,I got fans...


And I just wanna say that I serously think that I should do some pictures!And now for real(Not making fake promises).I got inspiration(I just hope it lasts til tomorrow).You will finally see what I look like!I wont scare you I promise!(I dont have triple chin,large feet,and disgusting green pimples,so dont worry lol)Im thinking about my outfit..what could it be..I know!Oh,and I got an idea(you decide If it sucks or not)how do u imagine me?You can say it in the comment-or not,but you know,those types of things are usually very interesting(well to me,at least..)

I noticed that this post,isnt much funny or ironical like all the other,posts,well learn to live with it,Im not a jokester!I am a 12 year old girl with girl problems and life issues!How can you be so mean and think,this post aint so good???(Ok Im not really mad at you.I just wanna be a serious kid(never knew what it looks like)but I also dont have any problems and issues..yeah right(at least not girl ones)so,hope you enjoyed this ''the post down there is better than this one'' post :),oh and I really believe in aliens and I have a great imagination(I know,cuz I've been told,hope not a lie,huh?)Ok,Im gonna be scaning lots of new drawings and post em right 'ere(Im also gonna scan a collage with aliens.Until then,

And here are new designs :

The Banjo gal!

 Boy pajama for this one---->

Heres the promised collage...(looks like I made a promise and didnt share it with you..(weird I know!)
I recommend zooming :) (In this case,when I have a collage with lots of written stuff,I say,If you wanna read whats on,save the picture and zoom it lil more)