Saturday, October 29, 2011

And something without you cant call your blog a ''fashion''blog.

Ok....lets do some fashion now...Im gonna pretend Im a big name in that industry.First I thought it was boring to comment this,but actually this is FUN!
I dont know If you remember when I said Im happier when I get a toy for a present than clothing-(no we dont)Well I just changed my mind.I wanna get this for a present,sooner-better!---------------->>>>>> 

 Neon!(well at least for me)
how I long for this blouse...
and this mini-skirt,but my tomboyish laws say:NO SKIRTS!Ok...feminists hate me...

And for this gal over here-
Im talking about psychedely alot these days...When you look deep inside this circle...
you can get hypnotized.

Hey,this jacket is just the right
one for my tough days.I really wanna wear it.I can't describe how much I like it!I wanna wear the white flowers with red hearts and the red collar is my favorite.And the shape is my favorite.And the length is my favorite!And now that I started this way-Everything's  my favorite!

I had a similar kerchief somewhere in my closet...I used to wear it around my head,like a pirate.Well this design,just brings the memories back....
Is this warm and cozy,or cold and itchy..I cant decide..
More feminine looks....and I cant believe Im gonna be a scarecrow for halloween.I could be a girly girl instead!

Mermaid grows legs and goes on a fashion show showing off her natural floral blue scale.
Wooo!I'd be the prettiest gal in the middle ages,
and everyone would want to be my friend.
When I go interview a vampire I'll wear this cape
as a sign that Im coming in peace.
The sweater beneath has pink stripes(they are a perfect match)
and it would be a reminder that Im still a fancy gal.
One great medieval combo!

I saw this on stardoll,and since then
its been reminding me on yogurt.
Along with the nylon on her head,
that says Recycle!

Good old vintage...
Oh no!There it is!!Vintage nostalgia!!Lemme calm
for a moment.
Ok,Im good now(just looked at Lady Gaga,and there they go..
all the right values I thought about for a moment and
yada yada yada.
(It'll come back,it just got scared)

Ok,I checked my traffic sources and heres what I found:                                         
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Now,this is what I call -WACKY-!
I swore Im never gonna wear a dress......and its not just bcuz of this movie..I swore before ok..?

Whole week I was waiting for its last 2 go out,and heres what happened:Cold!Rainy!Cloudy!And it ruined my plans for some pictures.I was depressed whole weekend...I asked my mother for a permission to cut the sleeves on her Levi's jacket,but nooooo..It has a sentimental meaning for her.Instead of drums,Im gonna buy new they call em..Me and my 2 friends wanted to make a band.I'd be the drummer and also the singer,and they would play guitars.But it all went to hell...
One of my friends said,he would like to be a girl bcuz he would wear dresses and pink and bows..and beautiful feminine shoes and skirts..and coming from a guy sounds creepy,but we'll continue....Since,I dont have any pics,I might do one in a dress...(probably playing baseball in it) future...I become a feminist!For now...I'll just stick to them,hating me.
On the night of Hallow's eve,I tell stories,the ones that make u shudder..and scream!(Ok,I admit it,its not scary,u happy now!?)

Iddie,Doodoo,Medah and Kikky were 4 girls,a group,a gang,a clan(and gals who told me their fake names..).Each same age,each same interests,each same thoughts.While they were hanging 'round the tree Iddie loved to climb on,Doodoo found a golden necklace,but not just any necklace.A RUSTY
necklace!It had a heart,a star,a snowflake and a sparkle  as 4 signs that probably ''meant''something.Something icky,dangerous but powerful....Their 4 heads came up with idea that this was brought to them as a gift.As a gift,that will bring them powers they always thought of having.Ice,water,electricity and fire.They buried it by the ever-blooming rose.And they became witches.But not the ones with bad breath and stinky feet,oh no...they were good witches,(still ickyy..)
They were getting together every day around that same rose,and doing all kindza weird stuff...There was a daisy field and they made headbands and danced and sang around,but also performed various rituals..Iddie came up with a quirky rhyme:

                                              ''Who ever touches this
                                               before us
                                               Will be the shortest in our class''

Well,it didnt go like this,it went like something about killing,cursing or whatever their magnificient brains invented..(but this curse's pretty bad,dont ya think?)Also,there was a ghost from the rose,they called upon him,whenever they wanted to strengthen their power,to seek for new dimensions.Yep, they had a pretty great imagination then..Everything looked so magical and unbelievable that it truly started to seem(be)so magical and unbelievable.Iddie said she had nightmares.And all 4 agreed their powers wanna get rid of them,their new owners.And one plain,busy,school day,Iddie buried out the necklace,not even putting an eye on it,not even thinking what she meant to do,not even considering the fact that she'll be sorry for what she has done.No......She threw the necklace on a roof of the closest house she could find around.And thats where it all ended...The icky period of their even ickiest lives.

                                                                       - The End -

This is my very first outfit post.You cant see my Dr.Martens and Im sry cuz of it.I'll go right away do one leg picture.The jacket is vintage-(ha!)I got a plain pink blouse paired with sleeveles sailor tee.Those are boy pants I bought at some gift-shop in Greece,and ripped white pantyhose(not on purpose)And I also got a bracelete and Im sry I didnt post that pic,Im also gonna run now and do it!I wore it to school yesterday and a girl in black thight jeans and I HEART NEW YORK black tee with ugly boots,GIGANTIC earings and 12pounds of powder on face,talked behind my back and said:Some People Just Dont Know How To Dress....

 There was a lot more....
One man gave us an apple and pear.I was like:What...???I mean,parents are already being all boring about eating halthy food..I mean c'mon,not on Halloween!
Iam gonna do a pic,where Im in my halloween costume.Cant wait.It's like a holiday made just for me.When all the morbid and weird stuff I keep in my head 24 hours 363 days(one off for halloween,and one off when its leap-year)finally can be Said and Done.And I can wear all the weird masks and go trick or treating(CANDYY!!!)My room is full of paper bats and fake spider web and the pumpkins..oh the pumpkins...And I can watch ALL the horror movies I want and then not sleep for months....and I can tell all my special ghost stories bcuz my friends gotta listen to em then.31th october is my day!(forget the birthday).

Since I aint got nothing else to tell.Living boring,going out,bad grades,punishment,manage to get out of it...School,going out...same things again...I gotta prepare my costume.Cya guys.bYe
RIP Halloween of 2011.You were awesome.I gotta thank you for being there,for giving my neighbours a reason to give me all kindz of candy and sugary treats.Thank you for making my childhood magical and morbid and thank you for me-not-getting diabetes by now.I love you,and I always will.Bye Halloween!I'll be waiting for ya!

Me and my friends knocked onto every single door in every single building and house around!And also...we were sneaky...Trick or Treatt..or Money ma'am!Yup thats us.I got loads of fruit candies,a chocolate gingerbread cookies and lots more sugary stuff and we ate half while doing it.Also 17$ from some granny!

Here are new drawings,and my hippie obssesion.Its strange how I wanna be a hipster.But I imagine myself as Cher in 'Mermaids''.Shes not the ideal adult,and she doesnt impress me,and its not even my favorite movie,and theres no reason why I should be connected to her,but somehow she always gets on my mind.Maybe its bcuz she is so feminine and she is a man-magnet(yuck) and she lives in a nice town I wanna live in...and maybe I admire her.

When I was younger I wanted to be famous.A singer,or an actress.I wanted to be on posters and be surrounded by millions of fans,I wanted to get free meals at the restaurant(just bcuz owner's daughter adores me)I wanted to live in Beverly Hills in a HuGe house with a pool,and yadayada..
But I want it no more.(You know,free meals are okayy...)
I really wanna jump in a van with a bunch of friends,and have fun.(If I had a time machine it would be even better).We would travel around America and stop by the lake to sing..Then,find a perfect country road,and camp for 10 days,enjoy the nature,the fields.And,a country restaurant would be near...Also we'd carve pumpkins to help people prepare for halloween.(Imagine a big yellow pumpkin field behind)Thats Living the Dream.As soon as they make one of these places,let me know,Im coming right away!

I found a site.Well Viva V. told me about it.ThriftedAndModern.Well its a dream I tell ya.Its where I can shop for beautiful vintage dresses(I mean the cost's also beautiful...)You got all those old patterns and nicely matched colors.And now I know where to tell my uncle to buy me clothes :)

My posting isnt so frequent,I know it.I spent whole september on getting readers to come here and bore themselves.ALso I was featured(oh that sounds wonderful.)in C.ult Friday.And Im so proud.And I'll let you click on it,and finish this.

                                                                                                                                                    Emily M.