Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We like them crispy and we like to yell

Its summer.My last post was,well...I can say last year in december.I really didnt have time to write something on here,or search for pretty pictures,or try to be witty and cute,when its hell sometimes,and Im very busy,summoning the good old summer vibes or skateboarding while listening to The Suburbs imaginin' Im in the video...(its such an amaaaazing feeling)I am a tumblrer.Its such an interesting community there...i am surrounded by lunetics,suicidal people and junkies.I remember finding a blog,and I was like-mind blown,with all the pictures and all those cheezy thoughts but it was something new,so I spent a lot of time downloading stuff from History Books Forgot About Us and gluing it on my wall,making a little shrine...to life.You know that longing for summer and the freedom it gives you,while you're stuck in a daily routine on winter...it kinda had it all.camping in the forest.rainbows over the ocean.mermaid coves and the nights you spend awake looking at the starry sky.And now the time of freedom has come!Every single year of my ENTIRE life,when summer comes.Its like a dream.An unbelievable thing!When I was younger I remember yelling thru the window:ITS SUMMMMMMMMMERRRRRRRRRRR,I AM FREEEEEEEEE,I AM FREEEEEE.Now I keep the overflowing excitement to myself,cuz I already got a reputation of a looney kid who yells around and annoys everybody else(usually school,It fills my soul with pleasant emotions when I sabotage them) ok...as always Im joking...(it aint even funny)But its funny and sad....how you get caught in a summer routine as well.Same old streets,same old talks,same old 'fun'.Sometimes it felt like it was more of it.but I guess I was just starting and now the wind in my hair the evening lights and the running thru streets,even tho-its fun.became a habit..and...you just get sick of it.And Im so unsatisfied.Man I should respect what I got!But If I could,I'd buy some old crappy 60's car and teleport myself to a lost highway.

I can make a collage!Finding Your Way Around This Devilish Evilish Creation Named Internet-Updated!

Why do I need to talk about summer?In december I wrote about winter.I am an idiot.

I dont draw fashion designs anymore.I write...a lot...about everything.You know..meanin' of life...why is earth spinnin' why do dogs bark and stuff like that.A couple of dudes made a graffiti crew.7thgraders from school.And invited me.the 'boss' of the crew first thought like:we dont need a girrrlll(darn him)but when he saw my drawings he changed his mind.+They liked me even more cuz I dont only do graffiti(cuz thats all they do)I draw crazy little nasty creatures.And I was like:OMGG IM SO POPULAR,IM GONNA BE IN A GRAFFITI CREW IM GONNA GO TO THE WEDDINGS AND BIRTHDAYS OF ALLLLLLL THE  FAMOUS ARTISTS OF OUR TOWN OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.But I left the crew,cuz they were 'the guuyzzz' and 13 year old boys arent so sweet.They asked me to come back but naaaah.I'll let them discuss about boobies alone :) so thats why I expected that this summer is gonna be aweeesomeee.and wee all gonna have so much ffffunnnn. but we all end up looking at a bug crossing the road until a douchebag friend doesnt trample on it.then we find something else like...staring at the night butterflies burn on the evil lanterns.And you know its not so bad afterall!It makes you appreciate life more!To live everrryyy minute of it-TO THE FULLEST!!!!!!CARPE DIEM! Seize the dayyy! and then we go home and rot in front of facebook :)

So I asked my parents when will they let me go alone with friends on a seaside...not so soon.actually -sad,disappointed,depressed face- darn.I want to swim in the ocean at nighttt,and I want to go whenever I want to da beaach...and do whatever I want!And I was listening to wonderful stories of grownupkids(all of em 21,live in parent's homes and drink beer at 3 am,living life to the fullest)how they use to make all kindza mischieves.All my life Im doing practical jokes on people around me!I METT MY GODSS!And the local bum who came at our neighbourhood and said that shit is fucked up and stuff and that he been to Mars and that people are so good!and much more advanced compared to us.(they trim dog's hair in 2 seconds aye! Imagin' that!)

Its intriguing.You never know whats gonna happen when you walk outta door.But I every single time!I argue with a couple of dumbasses.First on music(they are the children of the new world order,hence they're cool-_-)they've been spittin' on my 60's and on my Vashti Bunyan!And I argued with one stupie until my mouth dried out.He said I quotee I QUOTE HIS ENTIRE SENTENCE ''Women are only for fucking''.

I wanted to slap that male bitch so bad his cheek couldn't move when he smiled,so he looked like a retarded hyena!

Its 3:29.Another good thing about summmer!Yay,tomorrow(today)Im gonna goo look at the insects on the fresh air!.I praise the Lord that my good friend is coming back from that shitty place her mom took her to.Im mostly excited about going to the centre,buying tasty sandwhiches and discussing about big problems in this poor world,and how we are gonna be teenage revolutionists and save our pals from the endless dark abyss known as the robotization or uniformity or gen z typical or whtvr. PoP CuLtUrE of 2010's GOING DOWWWWWNNNN!
                                          Bye Humanz.Posts could be more frequent,but I got bugs to stare at.

                                                                             So long,my pals!

                                                                                                                                                 Emily M.


  1. thanks so much for stopping by! i like you rlittle sketches here and there! enjoy your summer!!

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  2. Thank you for your comment
    happy summer!

  3. fab collage. love the way you write. :)

    have a great wk!
    ADAM ❤ ALEX Mommy

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