Friday, July 29, 2011

Me,again...and uniformity,but also old west and chupacabra...

I dont know what Im gonna talk about.I have everything in my head,but when I write it,it turns into an endless discussion.So Im gonna do it like this:Who designed Ugg boots?I hate ugg boots.They are truly ugly.I dont know how it became such a big fashion trend.Most of the girls(the girls who call themselves fancy,beautiful&popular)in my school wear those,matched with some ugly skinny gray jeans.
Is this what you want your legs to look like?

Why not like this:                                            
Style of teenagers is influenced by their friends(I mean society)but they try ti blend in.If everyone wears that,I need to wear it too,or otherwise I wont be IN.Everyone will think Im a loser.I know how it all works,afterall I'm 12 years old. 
I like Vivienne Westwood,such a wonderful lady.And I like to have my own style,that has no chances to be copied.

                  But I also admire Nikki Minaj,and her incredible outfits,some people call it ridiculous,I call it fancy and good.I dont listen to her music,because I dont like it.For me shes just a fast talker!I know its some kind of art,but we all have different tastes.You could tell me,that I dont have a right to say that people who wear uggs are dummies,its still a taste,but,I know that half of the teengers likes it,because they wanna be cool.I was on the edge to buy them.But I listened to my angel on the left side and I didnt buy them.See how friends make you do things u dont want to!?Darn them.
Anyways,last year,I was into cowboy things.Old town gangs,cowboy-indian fights,wanted posters,the hot weather,and the boots.Its really cool.(If I lived in that time it wouldnt be so cool).I know there were wars and a lot of killing,but people admire the old west.
And how great can it be to be in one of the bars,a man plays the piano,people are happy,drinking,singing,and suddenly,when you turn around to order more beer,everything stops,the famous gang with his notorious leader entered the bar.So typical,yet,so beautiful.

This is how a cowboy looks after a fight:
Esepcially when a bar is called like this:
You dont wanna go in there.Mcbride and sons,a famous gang.An old mother who was a bride(of course when she got married)and then she killed her husband.She has three sons,and they're all 100 years old and over.Its because they are vampires.
Such an honest monster.Shes telling you,If you enter her bar,sure you'll gonna have fun,and beer,but after TEN beers,you will be blood in her bucket.Yuck!
She also keeps a chupacabra in her barn,so dont leave your unicorns near.o_O


  1. hi! thank you for visiting my blog shoelosophy. I love your designs they are so animated and fun your very talented! I am a shoe designer and I used to draw all the time growing up similar to you. Keep sketching, stay true to your style no matter what anyone says. Just believe in yourself and work hard at your dreams. :) good luck!!!


  2. 4 comments:
    sajuki said...
    love 70s and 2000s :)

    July 25, 2011 9:48 AM
    Genevieve said...
    The 40s!!! Oh my god my favorite decade and the 20s for all the flapper dresses! Lovely post!

    g x

    July 25, 2011 10:11 AM
    Emily M. said...

    July 25, 2011 11:11 AM
    Paolina of Calur Villade said...
    the 90s were the best, you should check it out more. the birth of the super model, club kids and grunge fashion. Kinda like the 70s but with a darker twist.

    check me out

  3. You draw really well, your talentuous !! Thank you for your comment on my blog !! :)

  4. Hi I think you're a very talented girl, so why don't you attend a fashion school? I don't know if where you live there are but you should try and keep on drawing because you can only get better.
    P.s.: you're crazy xD but that's a compliment. I think that if you do your best you'll be succesful and when you'll be famous, remember me :)
    My best wishes girl ;) Valentina

  5. Thank you,but why anonymous...(I wish I knew who she is)

  6. awesome dont bend to the masses a little but of anarchy goes a long way im nearly sixty and ill be dammed if i will bend to their will keep it up


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